"BROWARNY" Camping Site *** PFCC

Camping Recommendation No. 201

The camping site is located next to Zwirki i Wigury and Browarna Streets, within the limits of the Old Town of Sandomierz, not far from the Vista River, in the protected landscape zone supervised by the Office of Old Monuments Conservator.

The access to the camping site is very easy and convenient because Zwirki i Wigury Street is the main road No. 79 and 77.

Sandomierz  - a gem of the Polish Renaissance called a small Krakow, situated on seven hills like Rome, with many historical monuments and the 1000 year old history -is a place of great tourist interest. It is an excellent starting point for many trips exploring a neighbourhood of the town which is very attractive as well.

The total area of the campsite amounts to 2.5 hectares including 1.5 hectares of camping and caravanning grounds. The campsite can house up to 200 guests.

The camping grounds are flat covered mostly with grass and partially with trees. The Old Town is situated within a walking distance. The campsite is equipped with modern sanitary facilities, a kitchen, a common room and a playground. Guests have possibilities for making an open fire, barbecue and fishing. They also have access to the Internet. We offer price reductions for children, students and members of caravanning clubs and associations. We employ highly experienced and qualified personnel. Guided tours are organised on demand. See offer.

More detailed information: www.pfcc.eu

Any questions should be directed to: camping@majsak.pl

Welcome to Sandomierz and to our campsite.

We guarantee high quality of our services.